Regina sets new milestones
everywhere she goes.

Why vote for another
candidate's promises
when she has already
served us well?
In less than a year as our County Trustee, she:

Exceeded the County's projected property tax collections by over $46 MILLION DOLLARS!

Set new records for delinquent tax collections.
(Regina did the same when she served the City of Memphis as Asst. Treasurer.)

Sent new mobile cashiers throughout the County for citizen convenience.


Expanded the use of award-winning payment kiosks to more locations.

Spoke to thousands of senior citizens and veterans about tax relief and tax freeze programs.

Increased the public's online access to financial reports.

Maintained high levels of service and fairness to all equally.
As Deputy City Attorney for the City of Memphis:

Regina was 2nd in command of the City's Law Division
and coordinated the Law Division's
Minority and Women's Business Enterprise program (MWBE).

Final budgets were decreased 40% in 4 years.
MWBE participation was increased
from 6% to over 55% in 4 years.  
Outlay for outside defense counsel was decreased 24% in 4 years.
Average payout per claim against the City was decreased 30% in 4 years.
City Clerk accounts collections were increased by $8 million over 3 years.
Over 1000 anti-blight cases were filed in 5 years.