About Regina
Regina brings with her over 22 years of experience in public
service, along with 24 years as an attorney and a lifetime of
community service. Her experience in public administration and
finance, law and particularly tax collection makes her perfectly
suited to resume her role as Trustee. She has collected taxes for
both the City and the County and set records doing it.

Before she even graduated from Rhodes College, Regina was
serving the City of Memphis. She continued to do so for 9 years,
including several years as an internal consultant on budget and
staffing issues, and 3 years as Assistant City Treasurer, at a time
when the Treasurer's office collected all property taxes and
fees in-house.
She implemented procedures at the City of Memphis which brought the percentage of property taxes collected to their
highest points ever at that time. She was then appointed by Governor Ned McWherter to the TN Department of Revenue
as Assistant to the Commissioner of Revenue in Nashville.  When the State of TN formed a new department of 1,200
employees called Youth Development, Regina served as personnel director.

In 1994, after graduating from law school and passing the bar while working full-time, Regina returned to Memphis out of
love for the city and began her private practice of law serving individual clients, as well as large and small businesses for 15

In 2009, following the death of the incumbent Shelby County Trustee, the Shelby County Commission unanimously
appointed Regina as Trustee. After a year, Regina returned to City of Memphis government for over 5 years, serving as
Deputy City Attorney. Then in 2016, Regina opened Newman Law & Mediation, resuming her private practice of law for
individuals and small businesses.

She has remained involved in civic, political and community endeavors throughout Memphis and Shelby County.

Regina was born in Kentucky and came to Shelby County in 1975 to go to Southwestern at Memphis – now Rhodes
College. While in Memphis, she met and married Robert A. Newman, a financial advisor and they reside in Midtown.

Regina is committed to being a servant of the citizens and believes in treating all persons fairly and with respect, and working
hard every day to exceed their expectations.  “I believe that the people in Shelby County expect their Trustee to safeguard
the County's funds which are their tax dollars.  I work for the taxpayers and government is about them, not me.”
She works for you and has shown that she knows how to do the job right!